If you are studying information technology at university, make sure that you do not miss out this valuable article. Prior to researching about Nuxt.js, we need to increase the information technology terminology related to Nuxt.js.

How do you know about framework terminology? We can understand the framework as a fixed frame – the original structure of a particular organism. In programming information technology, it has been seen as a programming foundation as well as a practical foundation that programmers write information technology equations into framework with program language.

So what is program language? Human beings have invented automatic machines or robots or products in order to help us to minimize human’s workload. One of the industrial innovation’s achievements is inventing intelligent machines including technological products. We can easily see popular examples of them such as laptop, smart phones… In order for those machines to understand our ideas or opinions, we have to codify our language into those machines’ language.

Javascript is a program language. Like Java, Ruby or Python, Javascript is a tool facilitating the communication process between human and computers. Interactive websites and mobile layouts can create Javascript.

What is React? React is a library which is written by the program language Javascript in order to create layout. React is usually used for website and mobile layouts.

Now we come back to Nuxt.js. What is Nuxt.js?

Nuxt.js is a framework which is built on React in order to make “server-rendered universal Javascript webapps” written by the program language Javascript. “Server-rendered universal Javascript webapps” could be considered as Javascript websites which are very popular on servers, they are especially used to make Universal Vue.js applications.

Due to working on a framework, Nuxt.js has many beneficial features to the development between client and server. Server link with client in a parent-and-son relationship.

Other functions of Nuxt.js are creating files.vue to work with Vue, automatically codifying, developing functions supporting reloading as well as supporting ES6/ES7 to package…

Today, Nuxt.js is very beneficial because of its stability. Programmers and technological lovers all feel satisfied when it comes to experiences and program language Javascript – which was originally not in favour of users. Through this article, you have the certain knowledge about Nuxt.js as well as its functions.